Web Based ERP Management System is System manages Enquiry, Follow ups, Admission,Exam, Fees details,Partner Ledger Manage and Invoice Making,Online exam etc.

Create Professional Invoices

Create professional Invoices, Estimates, Packing Lists, Credit Debit Entries, Purchase Orders and more instantly.

Certificate Issue For Partners

Supports multiple rates for Partner where required.



Smart Office is Also manages Employee Details, Leave, Daily Work, Manager Work Assign, Salary Report etc. Below are features which you will get after purchasing this ERP.


Create professional Invoice, Estimates, Packing Lists, Credit Balance, Purchase Orders and more instantly.


Create data entry screen and report in true what-you-see-is-what-you-get List Of Record.


Ideal for Indian taxation structure, calculates Excise, Education Cess, S&H Edu Cess, VAT or CST and then add miscellaneous charges or freights, postage, etc…


Easily customize IMS for your own purposes.


Ideal for both product and services businesses.


Set-up your business and create your first IMS in less than 10 minutes.


IMS can be printed on blank paper as well as pre-printed stationary.

Tax Rates

Supports multiple tax rates for countries where required.


Manage customers, products, ims and payments easily.


One software, unlimited number of companies and databases.


Run multiple businesses from within the same program.


Change Font Face, Color, Size, and Style for every Input Field.


No need to learn complex accounting software.


Integrated backup of data.


IMS can be exported in PDF, Excel.


You can scan your existing IMS and import it in the software to set fields over it.

Accounting is not just about recording transactions, its about knowing how to increase profitability.

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Web Based Institution ERP is Software manages Enquiry, Admission, Fees details, Batch scheduling,Online exam etc. Below are features which you will get after purchasing this software.

01. Billing

  • Manages all the details of the Clients.
  • Sale / Bill Entry
  • Display Party wise, Monthly and Yearly Sale Report
  • Works on Windows XP Vista and Windows 7

5,000 INR

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02. Billing + Payment

  • Instance Fast
  • Customer Payment and Outstanding Report
  • Payment Receipt
  • Client Outstanding Report

9,000 INR

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03. Inventory Management

  • Easily Manage Product Inventory
  • Maintain inventory list
  • Payment Receiptt
  • Client Outstanding
  • Stock Management

12,500 INR

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Do it Yourself

Take charge of your own accounting by tracking your expenses, reporting your VAT and generating your balance sheet.

Your invoice in a few easy steps

Create your first invoice in less than 1 minute, send it to your customer and get paid.

More Than 7000 Users

More than 7000 Users are using this WEB BASED INSTITUTION ERP and some of them are Big Corporates and others are Small Companies.


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