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SMS Features

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Brand exposure that increase sales

Establishing a brand takes more than a single launch or introduction of the product.

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Dynamic Sender ID

Sender Id is the name or number that is shown on the recipient's mobile phone when they receive an SMS message.

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Shortens your time to market considerably

You can reach groups of people who are interested in knowing about your products and services instantly.

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Transmission of time-sensitive information

You may, for example, wish to reach your customers just before lunch hour and you want to promote daily specials particularly on slow days of the week.

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High reliability

Send SMS to your groups without the need for computer or internet. Great solution to send alerts and news to your groups on the go. Send you SMS to our dedicated number and based on your setting we will broadcast it your group.

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Maximizes cost-effectiveness and returns

Our leading edge platform allows you to increase sales of existing products.Text messaging has been estimated to be 10 times more effective than newspaper advertising and 5 times more effective than direct mail.